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The Structural Engineering Lab is part of the Civil Engineering Laboratory at LTH which can be found via LTH Open Door. The Structural Engineering lab can provide equipment and expertise in mechanical testing and environmental testing of various materials, including static, quasi-static and fatigue testing. Environmental testing includes e.g. moisture content and material climate monitoring, driving rain testing etc.  

In-house expertise 

At Structural Engineering we have a long tradition of studying wood and wood-based materials, concrete and masonry. Typical topics include testing of material strength and stiffness, load bearing capacity of components and joints as well as instability testing.  

User skill requirements 

A basic knowledge of how to use the equipment is expected, but not mandatory. A brief introduction to the equipment is included. Staff members are available for assistance depending on your specific requirements. Some of the equipment needs to be operated by our staff.  


The laboratory has access to advanced measuring equipment such as a servo hydraulic test machine (e.g. tensile, compression, shear or bending tests), load cells and deformation measurement equipment. We also have a climate chamber (1m3), access to climate rooms and an outdoor test facility along with a workshop for preparation of wooden components. More detailed information on our equipment can be found on our Swedish lab homepage.

Typical customers/users 

Companies and researchers who want to measure mechanical properties such as strength, stiffness, load bearing capacity of materials and elements, connections or look at moisture/temperature effects. 


Information about the lab fees and lab access is available upon request, depending on the equipment and assistance needed and duration of the testing.  

Insurance and safety 

The instruments in our lab are very sensitive and expensive, therefore we expect users to have their own insurance. All users must sign a safety and security agreement before entering our premises and using the equipment.  

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