Division of Structural Engineering


The field of Structural Engineering deals with principles and methods for design of building and civil engineering structures. The objective in design is to create structures with adequate safety and serviceability under the influence of the relevant loads and actions during the lifetime of the structure.

The education in Structural Engineering covers behaviour, load bearing capacity and methods for design of structural elements and joints in concrete, steel, timber and masonry. Principles of design and models for loads and actions are also included as well as computer aided draughting and design. Design of structural systems for houses, bridges, tunnels and other civil engineering structures is an important part of the teaching activities.

The research is in general applied and is conducted in close co-operation with the industry. Most projects are initiated and formulated with clearly defined objectives originating from problems and needs identified in the building, civil engineering and industrial fields.

Structural Engineering is a division within the Department of Building and Environmental Technology.

Upcoming Dissertation



Modelling and simulation of factors influencing on-site construction
of concrete frameworks:

Studying the effects of resource allocation, weather conditions,
and climate-improved concrete



by Robert Larsson

Division of Structural Engineering
Department of Building and Environmental Technology
Faculty of Engineering


Date and time: Friday 26th of November 2021, at 13:00

Location: Lecture Hall A:C, A-building, Sölvegatan 24, Lund

Link for online participation on Zoom

Faculty opponent: Prof. Olli Seppänen, Aalto University School of Engineering 

Supervisors at Lund University:
Docent Miklós Mólnar, Prof. Annika Mårtensson, Tech. Lic. Ronny Andersson


Assistant supervisor:
Prof. Martin Rudberg, Linköping University



A link to Roberts´s thesis in Lund University´s Research Portal