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WOODEXTER Service life and performance of exterior wood above ground


A key issue for the competitiveness of wood is the possibility to control durability, maintenance and life cycle costs for constructions and components where wood is used. The objective of WOODEXTER is to take the first steps towards introducing performance based engineering design in practice for wood and wood-based building components in outdoor above ground situations. This will enable capture of the benefits of 'design for durability' and deliver estimation of service life by evaluating a novel methodology for a practical engineering tool. The project will focus on cladding and decking as two test case products to rigorously assess this methodology.

The project is performed within the ERA-net program Wood Wisdom in collaboration with SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden, Building Research Establishment – BRE, UK, VTT, Finland, CTBA, France, Holzforschung Austria – HFA, Norwegian Forest and Landscape Institute-NFLI, University of Göttingen, Germany and Ghent University, Belgium.

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