Structural Engineering

Faculty of Engineering, LTH

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Publications by the department from 1990 and onwards are searchable in LUP, the central service at Lund University.

All publications by Structural Engineering     (excluding master thesis)

If you are interested in  publications by a certain author you can search in LUP by name.

Publications not found in LUP

Bachelor and Master thesis (from 2009 and onward)

Older publications, all types, are available on request. Click on the pdf symbol below to view a list of older publications.

    Older Publications

1000 - dissertation / avhandling
3000 - reserach report / forskningsrapport
5000 - master thesis / examensarbete
7000 - internal report /internrapport
K - conference paper / konferensbidrag
T - journal paper / tidskriftsartikel
P - popular science article / populärvetenskaplig artikel

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